From Top to Toe: Looks for your vintage groom and groomsmen on the big day

We all know that a wedding should be about two people - but so often the look of the groom is left to the last minute or as an afterthought! But don’t worry, comrades! Watches for Weddings are here to give you a top-to-toe guide on the right direction to go for a completely vintage look for your groomsmen and the groom himself.

Let’s start with the hair
If you’ve got shorter hair, go for perfectly coiffured styles. There seem to be a lot of clean side-partings amongst vintage styled grooms! But make sure to not go too hard on the gel! You might even need to have a trim from a barber who specialises in vintage styling who can offer you some advice. You could even add a flat cap just for an extra edge!

Moving on now to the all-important suit!
We did our research (so you don’t have to) and it seems most of the vintage trends are pointing towards three colours which look beautiful combined for a vintage theme: Natural (Tweed) Grey, Deep Burgundy and Navy Blue. We absolutely love how these colours complement each other and are perfect for an autumn wedding!

Now for the accessories
We are a big fan of braces and bow-tie combo, which we have to say look incredibly vintage. Of course, bow-ties can also complement a waistcoat and both somehow seem more informal and playful than a straight tie and suit! Some are actually scrapping suit jackets altogether!

Levelling up that Vintage look
Complete the look with our Engraved Antique Brass pocket watch to slip inside the groomsmen’s pockets, making for a fantastic vintage looking photo-op! The rosewood box even complements the vintage trend, particularly with a tweed suit - a throwback to scholars sat writing at their mahogany desks!

Really, whether you’re choosing brass, gunmetal or silver for your vintage wedding, we’ve got a watch to suit your styling. If you really want that vintage look to resonate throughout, you’ve got to level-up the groomsmen’s suits, attire and accessories!

Take a look at our collection to choose that perfect something special that they can keep as a memory of the day.

To discover more, take a look at our Pinterest board for more vintage inspiration.

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