Summer Trend: Styling Living Coral to your Groomsmen and your Vintage Themed Wedding


Living Coral can be such a strong colour and so you might wonder how you can theme this with your vintage look and your groomsmen; but look no further!

There are a lot of vintage options out there when it comes to picking a theme for your wedding. It can get a little overwhelming which is why it’s often good to start with a trend and work from there. If you love warm summer colouring then this could be where to begin...

This year’s biggest wedding trend for the summer ties in with the Pantone of the Year (as it tends to do!) This year it’s the vibrant and warming, Living Coral. While this colour might not be everyone’s cup of tea there are so many ways you could take the coral theme in a subtle and vintage direction.

Courtesy of Pantone

If you’re also looking to give your wedding that vintage look, there are a few ways you could tie in coral to the theme. It doesn't have to be all tropical and gaudy!

Here at Watches for Weddings, we’ve conjured up two perfect ways to make this colour work into vintage themes and styling for your groomsmen.

How to style coral to your vintage wedding

The first trend we’ve picked out for you has a traditional rustic feel; think lace prints, vintage florals such as roses and baby’s breath and hessian ties with coral ribbons. Highlights of paler coral flash through this palette while maintaining that vintage edge. Set off your bouquets with vintage lace - tie some round your menus to tie the whole look together. This deeper warmer coral is also fantastic against a paler suit, with gold and brass metallic accents.

The second is what we like to call “Vintage Glamour”; encapsulating the coral with strong gold presence and a ‘Gatsby’ vibe in your wedding stationery. This palette lends itself to the stronger coral colours closer to the Pantone of the year and would be great offset with a rich and deep navy.

How to style coral with your groomsmen

Coral ties and pocket squares - or if you really want a vintage look, bow ties and braces (below) can really set off the deep navy of groomsmen suits! Keep your groomsmen’s gifts on the vintage glamour theme; coral can be hugely complemented by the brass and gold metals of our Steampunk Pocket Watch, plus the Rosewood colour of the presentation box will mean your groomsmens gifts will excellently complement your vintage and coral theming.

With these two vibrant but still very vintage trends, it shows you just how versatile this living coral colour can be and how well you can style your guys with your theme! We would love to see what you make of it, and best of luck for your big day!


For more, check out our Pinterest boards - Traditional Coral and Vintage Glamour.


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