Tips for the groom - Preparing for your Wedding Day

We had a chat with four newly-wed grooms to get their advice on how to prepare and stay focused on the morning of your wedding day. Check out our collection of helpful tips and advice on to make it go off without a hitch! (Pun intended.)

Be Prepared

It’s always a good idea to think about what little jobs you can delegate beforehand and make a plan. Which of your groomsmen is going to know timings for guests while you’re off spending time with your new partner? Who is making sure people know where to go for the reception and don’t linger after the ceremony? These little things can settle and reassure you in advance so that on the day, your only focus is showing up on time.

Make sure to take time to eat properly

The nerves might make you not want to eat and do normal “routine” things since it’s such a big important day - but taking time to have a proper meal is essential. You could use as an excuse to have a slap-up breakfast with your family or groomsmen somewhere special.

Spend some quality time with your groomsmen

Either before you reach the venue or by arriving early at the venue, make sure to spend some moments with each of your best men. Make the time extra special by gifting them a vintage style watch. They come contained within a box, inscribed with your wedding date and names - a great keepsake for the day.


Procrastination isn’t seen in a good light but actually sitting down to play a video game for half an hour can often give the brain the down-time it needs to function well in the long-term! It can also provide that bonding time with your groomsmen and help to chill you out.

Get pampered

Morning skin routines, dressing gowns and relaxation aren’t just for brides! A good pamper session and some light meditation can make you feel more in the moment. Actually, it’s also been proven that choosing a signature scent can help you to recall memories - so give yourself a spritz!

Once you’re wed, get some time alone with your partner…

And I don’t mean just during the photographs! If you’re getting married and having the reception in one venue, make sure there’s a room or space where you can have some time alone as a newlywed couple. If you’re moving from A to B for ceremony to reception venues, let your guests go ahead and use the time to take a walk or drive together and arrive fashionably late.

Overall, just relax.

Do anything and everything you can to make yourself as relaxed as possible. This day is yours, and it’ll help you to cherish every moment. Watches for Weddings wishes you the best of luck with your big day!

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